*Grand Gear: Boots for winter weather

Don’t let these lingering fall days with mild high temperatures and bright skies fool you into thinking this autumnal paradise will endure.  Soon enough, dear readers, winter’s force will be upon us.

I always find my wardrobe unprepared for winter weather.  Not one to spend frivolously, as much as I might window shop with abandon, I tend to hem and haw my way through the apparel decisions that come with seasonal transitions.   It goes something like this: Should I really purchase those high boots to wear over skinny jeans?  If I wear skinny jeans, I’ll have to buy a new tunic or rightly proportioned long sweater…, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam.  I know, I know, stop already!

But beyond putting a total look together, a girl in the upper midwest needs to know her purchase can stand up for many miles.  Let’s be honest.  Cheap footwear cannot withstand a Michigan winter.  We need some serious element-proof function to go with our fashion.

So, without further ado, in no particular order: Top 5 Winter Weather Boots

1.  First, let it be said that I’m no fashionista.  A quick google image search will reveal waif-like starlets donning Wellies in sloppy summer weather, but I think these babies would carry me through those fall to winter or winter into spring transitions, especially if combined with these cozy cuffs.

Wow.  My legs are ready for the snuggle.

2.  Earth Invent.   Look at that slouch.  These boots are too cool for school, but tough enough to protect your feet from the elements.  The Earth Invent boot is water-resistant, and Earth footwear is incredibly comfortable.  Sign me up!

3.  I am infatuated with the Dansko Penelope boot.  I’ve never worn Danskos, generally because their trademark clogs are a little ugly and add too much height for this chick.  I’ve heard nothing but positivity for their comfort and quality, though, which affirms my affection for the Penelope.  Not only is the boot hot, the brand highly regarded, but the company’s website claims winter dependability for these babies: their glazed full grain leather is weather resistant and capable of standing up to the bullying of winter slop.   I would purchase these boots expecting that they’d be appropriate for my commute to work, even if by foot and public transit, and that they’re good looking enough to stay appropriate through the work day.

4.  Based on the description on piperlime.com, I can’t vouch for the weather appropriateness of these, but as Nina Garcia says, every woman needs a cowboy boot.  The short shaft is a trendy update on the cowboy boot and could dress down a skirt or look great with jeans.

5.  Last but definitely not least, Patagonia’s Fiona.  Isn’t she elegant?  But don’t let that sleek exterior fool you from thinking Patagonia’s gone soft.  This boot is water-resistant and insulated.  Might be enough to make me excited about taking kids sledding.

I’ll let you know if any of these lovelies make it into my closet and if they live up to their promises.   Have you scored a great pair of boots for winter in Michigan?  Tell, tell.

*Here began a new series for This Grand Life, Grand Gear, posts in which yours truly surveys the market for perfectly appropriate items to protect you through whatever clime or circumstance may come.


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