Six Months Minus One Day

As promised, I’ve created a 30 Before 30 list of endeavors to accomplish before I turn 30 in six months minus one day.  They are related to my family, to my professional life, to my loves or my obligations.  Some are creative pursuits, some are community commitments, some will help me express gratitude, some address my physical well-being.  I’ve never been “an achiever,” but I think it will feel great to take stock of what I’ve been able to do leading up to my thirtieth birthday.

1.    Watch 1 movie a month with Noah.  I’ve forsaken movies for readily available tv on the internet or dvds.  He jokes that I’m not the same woman he married (the woman who made copious bucket lists of classic movies to watch).  I might argue that television was my first media love, but who could argue with a cute boy who wants to cuddle on the couch for a couple hours?

2.    Finish 9 (more) credits towards my masters degree.

3.    Actually apply to be admitted to the masters program, as I’m currently enrolled as a non-degree seeking student.

4.    Apply for 3 scholarships.

5.    Don’t get pregnant.

6.    Plant wild strawberries as ground cover in the front yard.

7.    Visit the Galapagos Islands.

8.    Blog a couple of times a month about life and living in Grand Rapids, including at least one house tour.  (8a. Purchase a camera to make this possible!)

9.    Send 1000 people into the city for a one-day service-learning project.

10.  Go camping with our little family for the first time.  …and maybe the second time as well, as talk of spending time with family and friends this summer has two different camping trips on the table.

11.   Take a stab at caring for my body with weight watchers and/or exercise classes offered at work.

12.   Go on one date with Noah each month.

13.   Finish my edits for our church’s website.

14.   Make thank you gifts for Jonah’s Children’s Church teachers.

15.   Start a toddler art group: plan the first few meetings ahead of time; using free or very cheap materials; bringing different parent-friends together.

16.   Clean the basement.

17.   Organize the garage.  Isn’t this a dreamy plan? Did you even know a dreamy garage was possible?

18.   Read a book of my own choosing (not tied to obligations of school or work).

19.   Visit a town in Michigan I’ve never been before.

20.   Back up the files on our computer.

21.   Make something for mothers’ day and fathers’ day…and deliver the things to the mothers and fathers.  😉

22.  Get a new doctor and visit the new doctor.

23.   Make a playlist of songs that bring me delight.

24.   Host a summer party.

25.   Frame the last 3 photos for the gallery wall.

26.   Eat local during the summer months, hopefully through membership in one of greater Grand Rapids’ CSAs.

27.   Teach kiddos more songs.  One of my greatest joys this week has been Babycakes singing along to this album:

28.   Figure out my sewing machine and sew a table-cloth.

29.   Make artwork for Jonah’s room and Eden’s room to fit frames we already have.

30.   Get my pearl earrings fixed.


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