on expectations

“Expectations–they’re hard to define until they’re not met, and then we finally realize what we’d been hoping for in the first place.”

So wrote a student–oh, dear insightful student!–in a written reflection to me.

Oh!  How I have mourned expectations unmet, both my own expectations and those of people for whom I feel responsible.  I have labored through discussions of expectations at the beginning of new experiences so as to prepare, to anticipate, to respect, to protect.  But I cannot perfectly craft an experience, neither my own nor others’.

“We concluded…that we would shed all expectations…other than the expectation that God would show up.  And with God come blessings; we prayed that he would both bless us and bless others through us.”

Dear Lord God, meet me here.  Meet me in Baltimore.  Meet me in my office.  Bless me.  Bless through me. 

Ah, and how I have been blessed.

Forgive me!  Forgive me, God, for allowing my disappointment to eclipse an encounter with the living God!



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