I’ve been feeling the pull to write lately.  Life has been full of challenges, stretching challenges this fall, and perhaps there is a need to process in more careful ways than during more steady seasons.

One of the lessons of this season has been the realization that joy and frustration, thankfulness and stress can be present at the same time.  It’s okay.  I remind myself to breathe into the tension, as if my life were a yoga routine.

Escapism happens, of course.  Too much screen time.  I felt convicted by this headline alone, deeper so by reading the text.  Nonetheless, I have appreciated the resonance, the connection to others’ similar experiences (ooo!  A new podcast posted overnight!), the ability to bring others into my experience through various media.

Our escape of choice lately has been Friday Night Lights.  In fact, I think we watched FOUR EPISODES last night.  We usually pace ourselves and try to protect our own bedtime.   Last night the kids went to bed  beautifully early (or on time?), so we indulged.  I’ve loved the moments of levity in a show with serious story lines, and the relationship between the Taylors is as nuanced and true a marriage relationship depicted in television as I can recall.

Sad: the internet doesn’t seem to have a quickly linkable clip of Riggins and his brother playing with Coach’s wife’s breast pump in her office.


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