Interview Conclusions: Style Cure the Family Room!

Reflecting on the style cure interview, a couple themes strike me: the intersection of public or community life and pop culture, practical family friendliness, and an admiration of nature.  Are these too many themes?  Quite possibly, but they might intersect perfectly to help me overcome a creativity block in finishing our family room.

All the better, designating the family room as our priority for the style cure will prepare us to host family for Thanksgiving.  We don’t have one large room in which all the family can gather easily, but we can create cozy, inviting spaces for relaxation or conversation, game playing or screen time, lego building or tea parties, reading or drawing.  This clarity is energizing!

At this point, my only concrete idea for Style Cure: The Family Room is this.  I hope Apartment Therapy will post a calendar of the upcoming assignments so I can think about what’s coming.  If possible, I’d like to tackle other unfinished projects painting J & E’s room and hanging bulletin boards and calendars for our morning routine, after school routine and bedtime routine.  I’m collecting ideas for our October Style Cure here.


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